Safe Removal of Mercury Fillings

    Dr. Gene McCormick is a SMART Certified Dentist. SMART certification signifies that a dentist has completed the IAOMT’s educational program related to dental amalgam mercury removal. This program is based on up-to-date scientific research and includes rigorous recommendations for removing existing dental mercury amalgam fillings to assist in reducing the potential negative health outcomes of mercury exposure to patients, dental professionals, dental students, office staff, and others. The IAOMT’s recommendations are known as the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART).

    Dental amalgam fillings, which are made with a mixture of mercury, silver, copper, tin, and sometimes zinc, are still used in the United States and a number of other countries. Often called “silver fillings,” all dental amalgams are 45-55% elemental mercury.  Mercury is toxic, and this poison is recognized as a chemical of major concern because it poses a dangerous threat to public health.  Mercury accumulates in the body, and any amount of mercury taken into the body should be considered hazardous.

    If you have amalgam fillings and would like to get them removed, we are here to help.