“I didn’t feel a thing!” How or Why?

“I didn’t feel a thing!” How or Why?

A perfect result of a dentist’s work which is seen in the beautiful and white smile on a patient who is absolutely satisfied with a result of a treatment given in a clinic.

Who Benefits from Sedation Dentistry?

A person who has put off dental procedures because of a dental fear, gag reflex, or the inability to sit still for very long can benefit from IV sedation. IV Sedation instills “instant relaxation”, according to Dr. Gene McCormick of Tulsa, Oklahoma. This helps relieve those symptoms that have caused a delay to get treatment. Dr. Gene McCormick is the only dentist in Tulsa who has served as a resident in anesthesiology at the University of Oklahoma.

Someone with special needs, sensory disorders, autism, memory disorders learning disabilities, communication disorders can greatly benefit from being able to improve their oral health as well. We have seen many patients who feel uncomfortable with anything metal inside their mouths, who just don’t like people up that close “in their space”, who can’t make themselves enter dental treatment because of the sounds and smells of a traditional dental office, and for people who have decided it was “just time” to take care of themselves.  Sedation allows for a comfortable dental experience of laying in the chair to accomplish their goals.

Dr. McCormick has heard, “I didn’t feel a thing!” over and over for his patients. You can rest assured that you will feel good before, during and after your procedure. Call Dr. Gene McCormick’s office in Tulsa, Oklahoma to see if this option is right for you. After all… your dental health can affect your overall well-being.

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