Hello from all of us!! Dr. McCormick has been very busy readying his office and TEAM to be able to safely care for you! He has been collaborating with other dental and professional colleagues for the very best ways to protect you, and our dental team.

We are officially opening on Tuesday May 5th! We are so excited about finally being able to see you that we wanted to tell you what protocols we have put into place for your safety and the safety of our Team! Our new precautions are based upon guidelines from the ADA and the CDC. Clearly, dentistry will be much different going forward.

There is a lot of information here..our apologies but....we've been BUSY! We will be arriving at work in casual clothing that we will launder upon arrival to work, then wear home clean. We already have a washer and dryer upstairs so we will all be wearing at-work scrubs and at-work only tennis shoes that we will leave at work and launder at work. For now, we will all be wearing appropriate face masks when you see us and most of us will be wearing face shields and disposable and/or launder able gowns, hats and shoe covers also.

We will still be pre-cleaning for each patient and post-cleaning, on all surfaces and exposed areas, sanitizing and sterilizing with more caution and attention to detail.

Dr. McCormick had negative pressure installed in each treatment room to draw out aerosols in the rooms while a patient is in the chair. The doors to the rooms are being air-tight sealed this weekend.

Installed were RGF Air Knight ionizing air cleaners on the supply side of the HVAC systems to reduce the risks of sick building syndrome by reducing mold, bacteria, and viruses. Adjustable exhaust fans were installed in all three operators to purge potentially dangerous airborne particulates by venting outdoors. Also introducing fresh air into the airstream to aid in improving air quality.

Installed was also 1-ton Carrier mini-split HVAC unit in each of the three operating suites to compensate for loss of heating/cooling due to the exhaust vents.

MERV15 germicidal filtration was installed on the return side of all three systems to remove particulate from the air stream.

Ultraviolet lamps were installed upstream of the filtration to clean air prior to filtration.

We have installed an Ozonator air purifier that we will run overnight and clean the building air while we are gone.

We have ordered multiple nitrous hosing units so that after each patient, we can sterilize the hoses and hang them up to dry properly after use. We are considering offering each patient his or her own Nitrous mask to take home and bring to each appointment.

We envision your next appointment going something like this: If you have a mask that you have been wearing, PLEASE wear it into our office for your appointment. If you do not have one, a LEVEL 3 mask will be provided for you.

We will ask you to please come alone to your appointment (except in the situation of minors or caregivers) to help satisfy social-distancing requirements and to minimize exposure.

We will call you at least one day ahead with some pre-appointment screening questions.

If you are symptom-free, you will pull up to the office and park, then either come inside or text us that you are here. We will escort you to our Pre-Cleaned and sanitized consultation room. We will review the screening questionnaire and your current medical history and offer you a COVID-19 antibody test. (These are optional and we think they will be around $30.00 and take 5 minutes for a result.)

You will then be escorted to your treatment room where Dr. McCormick will be waiting. You can also be tested at several places in Oklahoma. Dial 211 from your phone for more information.

We have purchased more lovely blankets so that they, too are laundered after each patient. PLEASE BRING A JACKET OR SWEATER because we will most likely require a cooler temperature in the office due to the additional PPE we will all be wearing.

There will likely be a PPE fee assessed for each visit, we are still calculating that cost and will inform you of the fee in our pre-screening phone call to you. It will most likely NOT be covered by your dental insurance.

Be well and safe and we cant wait to see you soon!! Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns!